API Con and Serverless Architecture Con are starting soon

Wednesday, October 9, 2019

There is no better place to learn everything about Web APIs and API design & management along with the most interesting and important trends for serverless architecture.

Between October 14 – 16, 2019 the API Conference (APICON) and the Serverless Architecture Conference (SLA) will take place together at the Maritim Proarte Hotel in Berlin. The 2-in-1 conference package offers you a glimpse into popular topics such as high-performance APIs and the serverless-first mindset through more than 45 hands-on workshops, sessions and keynotes. 

The conferences give visitors the possibility to meet well-known experts and will help them gain great insights into API Design, microservices, serverless architecture, serverless engineering, and cloud technologies that are essential to the current high-performance IT transformation.

Power workshops, full-day events conducted by experts with a limited number of participants, are a perfect fit for those who learn best by doing. Attendees will get the chance to analyze real-life problems and use cases. They will practice their hand at newly-acquired knowledge under the guidance of a moderator. Forget about bullet-point PowerPoint presentations and get coding!

API topics are divided into the following pillars:

API Development
API Management
API Design
API Platforms & Software as a Service

SLA topics:

Serverless Architecture and Design 
Serverless Development
Serverless Engineering & Operations

The countdown has begun: We are pleased to welcome you as one of our visitors!

Signing up now provides you with these special offers:


Two-in-one conference package: Buy a ticket for one conference and get free access to the other.

Company Team Discount: Receive an additional 10% discount when registering with 3+ colleagues.

Special discount for freelancers

More information:

API: https://apiconference.net/

SLA: https://serverless-architecture.io/

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