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Our most valuable asset is a 25-year-old network of the world’s finest software experts. devmio learning platform provides never-before-seen access to tech knowledge, empowering tech professionals and informing their decisions and investments. Anytime, anywhere.

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devmio is an indispensable
source for all software professionals seeking not only information on current trends, but also in-depth technological know-how.

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devmio is available for teams of all sizes and is essential for tech know-how in all companies, government agencies, and the scientific sector.

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devmio is the ideal platform for businesses that want to present their technological content to their target audience in a professional setting.

Christian Kehl

,,Our training platform offers a wide range of comprehensive training programs for both software experts and businesses of all levels of experience. We cater to every type of learner with our extensive selection of live events, video tutorials, articles, and individualised training courses. Our innovative and compact training options are accessible on any device and come with unlimited access.”

Christian Kehl, Teamlead Product and Marketing

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