Intensive Learning with DevOps Conference

Thursday, May 2, 2019

Thursday, May 2, 2019 – The DevOps Conference takes place between June 11 and June 14 in Berlin and give you the chance to attend more than 50 sessions and keynotes. The conference consists of eight core tracks: Docker & Kubernetes, Microservices, Continuous Delivery, Cloud Platforms & Serverless, Security, Business & Company Culture, Logging – Monitoring & Diagnostics and Organizational Change. In addition to the core tracks, DevOpsCon will provide the #slideless-track, containing only live demonstrations to show how the technology really works.

Power workshops, full-day events conducted by experts with a limited number of participants, are a perfect fit for those who learn best by doing. Attendees will get the chance to analyze real-life problems and use cases. They will practice their hand with the newly-acquired knowledge under the guidance of a moderator. Forget about the bullet-point Power Points and get coding!

Attend the workshop “User-Centered IT Operations” from Jeff Sussna if you want to learn how to transform operations teams into user-centered service providers. Sussna introduces a powerful method for discovering the promises you make to your users, and continuously improving your ability to keep those promises.

Or are you looking to deploy Istio to your Kubernetes clusters, but not sure how to do that? In his workshop “Effective DevOps with Knative and Istio” Kamesh Sampath explains how to effectively adopt DevOps tools like Istio and Knative for utilizing service meshes and serverless in your deployments.

The transition from traditional organizational structures to an agile, DevOps-oriented way of working is often hard. To be successful, we need the ability to pick the right problems, view them from different angles and then collaboratively solve them. In their workshop “Collaborative Problem Solving Workshop for DevOps” Jabe Bloom, Marc Burgauer, Markus Andrezak and J. Paul Reed offer a day full of exciting insights, lively discussions, and concrete solutions for your organization.

Of course, this is just a little extract of the huge program. The DevOpsCon will give interested parties the possibility to meet well-known experts in innovative infrastructure and modern lean business culture. Insightful keynotes addressing actual trends and best practices, the Expo reception with top IT companies and a fantastic program are waiting for a curious audience.

Participants who register until May 9th can save up to 375 Euro.

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