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Wednesday, April 3, 2019

Only a few months left until the gates to the Internet of Things Conference and Machine Learning Conference in Munich 2019 bust open.

June 17-19 2019 we will again have the Internet of Things and Machine Learning Conference in Munich, offering a broad variety of topics. The ML Con presents a variety of sessions for Deep Learning, Machine Learning and new innovations whereas the IoT Conference will revolve around connecting everyday objects to the internet.

Munich, April 3, 2019 – What sounds more exciting than Prison Break Monitoring and Alerting Systems? We don’t know yet but the IoT professionals surely will soon offer an answer. With the IoT starting it is time to present and discuss the most innovative ideas brought to daylight by tinkerers, coders, and great minds alike to make our everyday life easier. To highlight one of our sessions we have Vivien Dollinger from Object Box showing how to build an IoT business on Open Source and tackling the common misperceptions about it. She will also invite the audience to ask her all about the IoT solutions and why or why not you should use them, which trends are to come and what we can expect from the upcoming IoT Open Source branch.

Together both conferences count more than 60 Sessions, several keynotes and four power workshops presented by the leading ML and IoT experts from Google, Shopify, SAP, Ml6 and much more.

Game playing is a classic discipline of AI and had a major breakthrough in the 90s when Deep Blue defeated Kasparov and arguably became the world’s best chess player. Oliver Zeigermann from embarc will deep dive into the algorithm in his session “How do Chess Engines work? Looking at Stockfish and AlphaZero” to show what made that success possible and how are they used in today’s chess engines. Exciting ML Topics like this keep the people going, to strive for better, smarter and faster artificial intelligence that will help companies to stay ahead in business. However not only business but mankind itself can profit from Deep Learning as Thiago da Silva Alves and Jean Metz from JArchitects present in their session about  “Honey Bee Conservation using Deep Learning”. 

There are many more interesting Sessions, Workshops and Keynotes to come at the ML and IoT Conference as the community is steadily growing and the interest is rising for new Technologies. 


Only till April 11: Save up to €300
Colleague discount: Register with 3+ colleagues and save 10% extra. 

More information: https://iotcon.de/en/ and https://mlconference.ai 

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