Dream Team – Machine Learning Conference & Voice Conference in Berlin

Friday, August 16, 2019

The Machine Learning Conference and the Voice Conference will simultaneously take place in Berlin from 9th of December till the 11th of December 2019. Both of the conferences will offer innovative sessions, keynotes, and power workshops on the latest trends and tools in machine learning, voice integration and Natural Language Processing in one place. The future begins now!Topics such as AI, deep learning and robotics from the machine learning sector and voice assistants and chatbots from the voice sector already make everyday life easier for us today and make it more comfortable, safer and more exciting. However, there will be a lot more possibilities in the future, as for now they seem unlimited and are not easy to predict. New groundbreaking innovations and start-ups are popping up like mushrooms every day. To keep track of the latest trends, tools and developments, we gathered renown machine learning and voice technology experts as well as software architects from all over the world to share their expertise with the participants of the conferences.The basis of the two conferences are of course the 25+ international speakers from business, industry & science, and the four power workshops, but also creating a place to network with the machine learning and voice community. The participants can develop their skills in our workshops or have an encounter with new technologies, that can become relevant for themselves or that they are interested in.The ML Intro Day is the perfect chance for attendees of every skill level to learn and understand machine learning principles. For example, Dr. Andreas Bühlmeier gives the audience an insight into how machines can beat chess or GO players and even human teams of multiplayer computer games in his session “The Development of (Deep) Reinforcement Learning” and describes the principles of deep reinforcement learning—also known as Q-Learning and gives an outlook into future developments and applications in areas like logistics and pharmacy.Also, the session “Privacy and Personalization in Voice Apps” by Voice Conference speaker Jeremy Wilken is trend-oriented. It deals with guidelines and approaches to balance the user’s needs for personalization and expectations of anonymity and privacy especially when using voice experiences. Wilkens extrapolates research of privacy and expectations of public/private spaces into how voice technologies are being built and delivered from now on.For the second time the leading conferences for the machine learning and voice scene are taking place together, giving the participants not only insight into one trending topic, but also giving them the full expertise of the professionals of both topics.More information: https://mlconference.ai and https://voicecon.net/

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