Become the mastermind behind the next framework at the International JavaSript Conference in London!

Wednesday, March 27, 2019

From Angular and React to GraphQL; from Blockchain and Web Apps to Robo-Armies—our international experts will give you insights on the present and future of JavaScript.

Join us to broaden your knowledge and to meet other JS enthusiasts.

The iJS in London offers a broad range of topics all around JavaScript and its most sophisticated frameworks and libraries. Since the conference’s start is moving closer, we wanted to take the chance and present you a brief overview of our tracks:

Angular – Originally intended as front-end web application framework for single-page applications, Google’s Angular managed it to become one of today’s most important (JavaScript) frameworks. More info:

React – React is Facebook’s JavaScript library for building highly performant user interfaces, which was highly influenced by XHP. Two of the most important Features are the virtual DOM, which boosts the performance by rendering only the actually changed subcomponents, and the usage of the JavaScript extension syntax JSX. More info:

Vue.js – Vue.js has a high level of community involvement but that‘s not all. Vue’s creator, Evan You, once said he intended to take the best parts of Angular and put them into something smaller and easier to manage. More info:

Node.js – Although many of the Node.js modules are written in JavaScript, Node.js is not a JavaScript framework but a cross-platform runtime environment for JavaScript applications, based on Google’s V8 engine. More info:

Web Development & Architecture – There are lots of interesting aspects in Web Development, for example is the architectural one, and, of course, DevOps, the collaboration between software developers and the IT operations team through the entire service lifecycle. More info:

The full program of the iJS 2019 in London can be found here:

Furthermore we wanted to remind everyone, that the conference’s early bird phase will run out on April 4th. Until then tickets can be purchased for up to £ 245 less.

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