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Java – Web – Software-Architektur – Agile

JAXenter is an up to date and professional information portal for enterprise technologies. The Java platform, mobile developments including Android, software architecture, web technologies, agile methods and DevOps are all important topics of JAXenter. In addition to daily news, readers can also enjoy articles, columns, market analysis as well as online tutorials and JAX TV video interviews. Selected content from Java Magazine, Eclipse Magazine and Business Technology Magazine can be found on JAXenter too. JAXenter is available in German and english.

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Software development practices and trends

Entwickler.de is designed for tech experts and individuals interested a broad spectrum of information on software development. The focus is on typical business applications, as well as web development or development in the embedded sector (M2M, Internet of Things). Entwickler.de highlights important trends and takes a closer look at cutting-edge technologies. Everyday tech know-how, always up to date and for all platforms.