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Current Press Releases

Tuesday, 17. April 2018

Bringing teams from different fields together in a good way is rarely easy, when those teams are involved in the same business processes but do not work together directly. That’s why a group of people led by Patrick Debois suggested a new concept back in 2009: DevOps.

Tuesday, 3. April 2018

JavaScript is an efficient and effective language for web programs of all sizes which has begun to dip its toes into large-scale enterprise projects. This might explain why virtually every business has put its trust in the power of high-level frameworks like Angular, React, and NodeJS.

Tuesday, 13. March 2018

Effectively bringing teams from different fields together is rarely easy. However, cooperation between teams is essential for holistic product development. That’s the theory behind DevOps, a concept championed by Patrick Debois in 2009.

Monday, 19. February 2018

JavaScript, one of the most versatile and efficient programming languages, has reached a new era of web development. Nowadays, virtually every business put its trust into the power of high-level frameworks like Angular, React, and NodeJS.

Friday, 16. February 2018

Software experts are invited to JAX DevOps, a conference which aims to help its attendees gain in-depth knowledge of the latest technologies and methodologies for lean businesses.