As a cross-medial publishing house Software & Support Media offers technological know-how through various channels – proficient, up to date and with the practitioner in mind. Conferences, training, specialised magazines and books as well as a comprehensive online network provide IT professionals with an array of information and further training.

The highly valuable editorial expertise, combined with a unique network of experts elevate the Software & Support Media Groups information and service offer to an indispensable guide for IT service providers and businesses of all sectors.


Software & Support Media’s magazines count as compulsory reading for IT departments of businesses in all sizes. The technical know-how, being up to date and focussing on the specific challenges for businesses contribute to the success of modern IT projects. Software developers, project managers, IT decision makers and service providers rely on the know-how communicated through the magazines. more


On Software & Support Medias online portals IT professionals of all sectors can find the most valuable and the latest information for their every day businesses. The portals up to date reports and the versatile content, offer, as well as news, specialised articles, newsletters and video features reaching an increasing number of readers. more...


The portfolio of, Software & Support Medias book publishing, is tailored to meet every IT professionals needs. It covers typical programming guidebooks, information on architecture as well as selected material about the digital economy. more...