Software & Support Media is an international publishing house with the focus on the IT sector. The company’s information and service offer is tailored to IT- professionals of all important technology markets.

For many years Software & Support Media Group has been sharing its knowledge and is a reliable partner for the industry. Through our media offer, leading companies continuously find out about important impulses to further their innovations and development guaranteeing them a competitive advantage.

The portfolio covers conferencestrainingsspecialist magazinesonline services and books. In Europe it ranks as one of the most comprehensive portfolio of its kind. Through our media offers more than 100,000 IT-professionals of all branches and levels gain their knowledge to make the best technological decisions and investments for their projects.

The extensive amount of highly valuable contacts offers an appealing environment for media and sponsoring activities. Technology and service providers can find a suitable point of contact in European companies of all sizes and sectors.


the Fachmagazine maintain a wide reach with a consistent focus on the target customer. This generates the interest of IT professionals of all sectors and levels.


On Software & Support Media’s Online portals IT professionals of all sectors can always find the latest information on important IT topics. The portals’ up-to-date reports and versatile content, including news, videos, articles, forums and interviews, is read on a daily basis by a steadily growing readership.


Software & Support Media’s conferences are some of the most important events in the European IT sector. The conferences provide a steady flow of important impulses for the IT industry and generating a unique exchange of knowledge, ideas and information between professionals of all sectors and levels.

Entwickler Akademie

Entwickler Akademie offers seminars, training events and in house courses on the latest technology topics. Target audience are software developers, software architects and project managers.


The portfolio of and is tailored to IT professionals and covers typical programming manuals, architecture guide books as well as selected material about the digital economy.

Media Services

meat* agency offers consulting, conceptualisation and realisation of media services in the B2B and B2C sector. Its broad spectrum of services provides professional support in all marketing areas such as print, digital media, web and video.