Windows Developer

Windows Developer
The Independent Source for Windows Technologies
Windows Developer is the brand new name of our dot.NET Magazine. The magazine has become a tradition over the years, with readers receiving constant high editorial content with every edition. The same content will continue in Windows Developer; however the topics have been expanded to cover Windows 8, Windows Phone, Windows Azure as well as phone, tablet and web development. Windows Developer reacts to recent paradigm shifts in the technology world in a critical and practical way. The range covered in each topic is vast; for example in programming languages C#, F#, VB.NET will be covered, as well as HTML5, JavaScript, ASP.NET, Visual, Studio, TFS, SQL databases in web development. Simple apps, scalable architecture, design concepts for desktops and cloud and mobile solutions are all covered in web services and e-business. Whilst analyzing software and system development, Windows Developer covers new trends in the world of Microsoft. Professional developers and IT decision makers get all the information they need to use enterprise-oriented solutions in the Microsoft area to their advantage, as a result.
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