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S&S Media is a leading media company with a long experience in print publishing. Alongside a comprehensive selection of magazines, our portfolio includes IT books under the well-known label with professional and high-class literature.


Since S&S Media’s foundation in 1995 we have continously added more print publications keeping track with the dynamic of the IT market. And we have succeeded. Today our magazines are read throughout smaller and bigger companies throughout all industries. More than 100,000 software developers, project managers and IT investment decision makers read at least one of our magazines to stay up-to-date for their daily business.


Our comprehensive book program offers professional literature on programming, management and software development. We want to provide our readers with practical information that they really need for their jobs. Our experienced authors know the challenges and specific requirements of the IT industry from the scratch and they are able to convey complex issues in an easy way.


S&S Media’s conferences are among the most important events of the European IT industry. Our well-known speakers – including many contributors to our magazines – provide relevant information on various technologies. Our conferences cover not only the latest technological developments, but as well as practical know-how for the daily business.

Online Services

S&S Media’s online services are among the most comprehensive and most frequented information sources on the internet. The web portals,, and others cater to IT pros such as developers, software architects, and IT investment decision makers. Daily news, source codes resources, discussions forums on all relevant areas in IT provide a one stop shop for all things IT.

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